Island Paradise QOF Featured In OpportunityDb Webinar

On October 13, 2022, OpportunityDb’s CEO Jimmy Atkinson hosted a live, one-hour webinar featuring Island Paradise QOF and its related projects.

Island Paradise QOF managing partner Ari Kretsch was the featured guest in the webinar. During the webinar, Ari shared several “behind the scenes” details including:

  • What attracted him to move to Puerto Rico prior to Hurricane Maria, and why he remains bullish on the island’s outlook;

  • The current real estate investment market in Puerto Rico, including the barriers to entry;

  • The impact of hurricanes on Puerto Rico’s real estate market, including the positive impacts of Hurricane Maria;

  • The “intangibles” that make Puerto Rico a great place to live, travel, and invest;

  • How investors have the ability to restore Puerto Rico to its “glory days” of the past.

  • The importance of having “boots on the ground” when developing real estate in Puerto Rico;

  • Review of the assets currently owned by Island Paradise, including projects in San Juan, Manati, and Cabo Rojo.

The webinar show notes page (including a full transcript) is available at

The webinar video can also be viewed on-demand directly on YouTube.